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Clonazepam Dosage for Anxiety


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Regular Clonazepam Dosage for Anxiety


The regular clonazepam dosage for anxiety is something that can help in controlling the panic disorders and anxiety in a patient. In order to take care of this condition, the doctors take a close look at the patient’s condition. Apart from his condition, the medical history is closely evaluated for determining further action. Once these steps have been performed, the doctor prescribes a clonazepam dosage to the patient. In the case of clonazepam dosage for anxiety, there are two major dosages involved. The first is the initial clonazepam dosage, the one that comes into play on the first day. The second dose is the one that is given after 3 days, with considerable change in the clonazepam dosage.


Clonazepam Dosage Schedule


In case of clonazepam dosage for anxiety, the dosage schedule is something like this. The initial clonazepam dosage is followed for the first three days. This is followed by the maintenance dose, a dose that changes the clonazepam dosage by 1mg/day for controlling the panic disorders and anxiety. The initial clonazepam dosage is usually about 0.25 mg for anxiety and panic disorders, given twice a day. The maintenance clonazepam dosage is required after 3 days, only when there is no major improvement in the condition of the patient. You can increase the clonazepam dosage by 1 mg per day until the anxiety is controlled completely. However, if there are no improvements after following this clonazepam dosage for 9 weeks, you would have to visit your doctor at the earliest. The doctor would take a look at the condition of the patient and the reasons associated with the failure of clonazepam dosage. The clonazepam dosage is not limited to anxiety and sleep disorders only, it also takes care of problems like seizures etc.


Clonazepam Side Effects


The clonazepam side effects can vary from mild to serious, with allergic reactions to the medicine being the worst. In case you observe any major changes with your body due to the clonazepam dosage, you should take steps to address the problem. In most cases, the clonazepam effects are quite mild and limited to problems like drowsiness, tiredness, headache and runny or stuffy nose. However, there can be some severe side effects, like hallucinations, pounding heartbeats etc. In case you suffer from these problems, get medical assistance to check your clonazepam dosage for anxiety.

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